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It's about more than just seeing a movie

The Goochland Drive-In Theater began as a dream
to build an authentic drive-in theater for families & friends.

Since Opening in 2009, our mission has been to offer an
affordable good time within a wholesome environment.  

We show the newest blockbusters (double-features on Fridays  Saturdays) - plus our popular Retro Nights are special opportuities to experience beloved classics on the big screen - as they were originally intended.

Though we have a retro vibe, our projection systems are
modern, so expect sharp images on giant screens and
crystal clear sound from your FM radio.

We purposefully sacrifice higher profits to provide
our guests with an incredible value. Our prices on both
admission and food are the absolute lowest around...
and far cheaper than other venues.
By doing this, we hope you'll visit again and again.

Our menu is comprised of tasty drive-in classics
(plus gluten-free and meat-free options). 
During the warmer months, our  Ice Cream Stand
is also open - offering premium soft serve and sundaes.

Like all movie theaters and entertainment venues, we
survive from food/drink purchases - not ticket revenue.  For this important reason, no outside food/drink may be brought in. 

Friendly service comes standard! We work hard to ensure an
excellent time for all ages!  So please know that our wonderful
GDIT Crew are always available for assistance.

An evening at the GDIT is about more than just seeing a's about enjoying time with family and friends.
We even have a playground for the kiddos and an outdoor
games area for all ages.  Pets are welcome too (except on the "Lawn Section" at The Grove).

Hard work and dedication...have helped us make national
rankings as one of the top drive-in theaters in America!
We love this place and hope you will too.

Thanks for reading!  Looking forward to seeing you soon!
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