Where did the idea come from?

The idea for the new Goochland Drive-In Theater was conceived several years ago by a young family.  At that time, they were the proud (and busy) parents of a baby and a toddler. 

Like many of you, they enjoyed going to the movies.  But finding and paying for a babysitter - on top of dinner and a movie at the local multiplex - made for an expensive night out.

So, when a babysitter was unavailable, or they just wanted to save some money, they opted to bring the children with them to the movie theater.  Unfortunately, those efforts didn't work out so well...whether the kids were frightened by the booming sounds or just uncomfortable in the fold-up chairs, it was nearly impossible for anyone to relax and enjoy the movie.  Quite often, they had to leave early. However, once back in the car, they always noticed how the kids became quiet and comfortable.

It was on one of these trips back home that they began discussing other options for an evening out.  Recalling the fond memories of attending rural drive-ins as children and their family-friendly nature, the idea was born...why not build a new drive-in theater right in Goochland County?

What is the drive-in all about?

The Goochland Drive-In Theater is strictly a family-oriented and community-involved establishment.  It offers the finest new/current-release movies - and classic American food & concessions at very affordable prices - making it the best value around.

Though technologically modern inside and out, it pays homage to the classic drive-ins of yesteryear that many of us remember so well.  As such, you can expect a visually appealing facility with outstanding picture and sound.

First time visiting us?

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Awards & News

  • Chosen by as the #5 Must-Visit Drive-In in America
  • TripAdvisor 2016 Award of Excellence
  • Best Place for an Over-The-Top Hot Dog
  • TripAdvisor 2014 Award of Excellence
  • Richmond Magazine 2013 'Best' Multiple Award Winner
  • Voted Best Movie Theater 2012 by the readers of
  • 2010 Goochland County Business of the Year

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